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“We’re in a process of reformulation the regulatory framework of lotteries in Brazil”, Mansueto Almeida 31/05/2017

Exclusive interview Mansueto de Almeida, Secretary of Economic Monitoring of the Ministry of Finance

One of the country's biggest economic references, economist Mansueto de Almeida, was named last May by Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles for the Secretariat for Economic Monitoring (SEAE)

In the last 18 years, practically all Secretaries of Economic Monitoring of the Ministry of Finance of this period have ignored the lottery service. This’s first management that is mobilizing to improve this important service of the Union, that has society as the largest beneficiary.


Since I took over Secretaria de Acompanhamento Econômico, we’re working hard to improve communication and, consequently, the transparency of the federal lotteries with society, which is the principal beneficiary of Brazilian lotteries tax collection, according to Mansueto Almeida, Secretary of Economic Monitoring of the Ministry of Finance.


One of the country's greater economic references, the economist Mansueto Facundo de Almeida Jr., was appointed in last may month by Finance Minister, Henrique Meirelles, to Secretaria de Acompanhamento Econômico (SEAE).


From the beginning of administration, Mansueto has challenged withdraw the operation of the Union lotteries from zone of comfort imposed by an old and inadequate legislation, as well as to seek mechanisms to deal with the modalities operating in clandestinity, that represent practically double what is collected with official games.


The largest regulatory authoritie Brazilian lottery, will participate this week as speaker of the “Juegos Miami”, commented about international congress organized by Clarion Events, LOTEX, sports betting, secretary's news and Caixa's autonomy in management the lottery products portfolio.


Another fact that we can’t fail register. During 16 years daily BNL, this’s the first interview with an Economic Monitoring Secretary at the Ministry of Finance. We’re honored an important economist as Mansueto Almeida inaugurated this space.


BNL – In the last 18 years, practically all Secretaries of Economic Monitoring of the Ministry of Finance of this period have ignored the lottery service. This’s first management that is mobilizing to improve this important service of the Union. Announcement of your participation in International Congress 'Miami Games' generated a great expectation in the Brazilian market and among great world-wide operators. What’s your expectation regarding this Congress?


Mansueto de Almeida – We recognize "Juegos Miami" as great international event has consolidated as convergence point of regulators and operators of lotteries, games and betting in region of Latin America and Caribbean.The greatest expectation is share with present spectators the reality of federal lotteries in Brazil, as well as know that is most innovative and modern, in global terms, for this sector.


BNL – One of the important positive initiatives of the SEAE, under your management, can be seen in the Exclusive Instant Lottery, the LOTEX. Do you believe that the modality will be able yield a good revenue to government in granting this grant?


Mansueto de Almeida – Process of privatization of the Loteria Instantânea Exclusiva (LOTEX), which under law is under the coordination and monitoring of the Ministry of Finance, is a significant paradigm shift to exploration of lotteries in Brazil. In a strategic reconfiguration for lotteries in the country, search that the existing market potential be attended with the presence of a large operator, with strong experience in global markets, marketing instant lottery products, of agile way, efficient and within the expectation of bettors-consumers. We don’t yet have a definition of privatization model or estimation of the amounts to be received by the Federal Government, but we are convinced that the resources will be significant and will have a positive impact on public accounts, still in the year 2017.


BNL – Main international operators will be present at “Juegos Miami” and, of course, there is great curiosity about LOTEX. What's your expectation with operation of privatized instant lotteries?


Mansueto de Almeida – Aims at better order the State's strategic position in economy, opening space for private initiative promote efficiency in a service that isn’t essential for Brazilian State, but which was previously exploited by public sector. This will also bring positive effects for Brazilian economy as series of private partner actions, such as generation of jobs, modernization of lottery marketing in the country and, above all, its greater potential raise amounts destined social programs.


BNL – On several occasions, the media provided information about a government initiative to legalize the fixed-share lottery or sports betting. Do you confirm this possibility? If so, when would be this initiative?


Mansueto de Almeida – Subject has been extensively studied in Ministry of Finance, given existing potential market and the illegal operation that moves billions, from bets coming from Brazilian territory on electronic channels based in different parts of the world. Thus, within Executive, a bill was drafted that shall forwarded to National Congress still this year.


BNL – The model of grant concession lottery fixed-stake bets will be similar to concept used by LOTEX?


Mansueto de Almeida – The proposal to be sent National Congress replicates authorization mechanisms for exploitation this new lottery modality, similar to LOTEX. In this way, fixed-stake bets will be undergo same process of privatization Loteria Instantânea Exclusiva.


BNL – In this case, the SEAE think about having more than one company operating in this modality like the other countries?


Mansueto de Almeida – We appreciate this idea of several operators to operationalize fixed-rate bets, however any definition in this regard will only occur after the structuring of the legal framework, the business plan and the economic-financial evaluation, which will be foreseen in modeling of privatization.


BNL – Commercialization of fixed-stake bets will be carried out through internet and physical stores?


Mansueto de Almeida – The bill proposed we’re working indicate to commercialize this type of lottery in physical and electronic channels too.


BNL – In case of commercialization in physical stores, SEAE intend use Caixa's current lottery network?


Mansueto de Almeida – Within physical channels of commercialization lottery in Brazil, is undeniable the importance of lottery network of the Caixa Econômica Federal.


BNL – In Several countries the service of lotteries and games are treated as an economic activity with great potential of tax collection. Besides that these activities are considered playful ways of paying taxes. In Brazil there's a big preconception regarding these activities. What reason do you belive generated this distortion and how do to reverse this process?


Mansueto de Almeida – Since I took over Secretaria de Acompanhamento Econômico, we’re working hard to improve communication and, consequently, the transparency of federal lotteries with society, which is the primary beneficiary of the Brazilian lotteries collection. This has happened with the analysis and divulgation of the numbers that this sector moves in Brazil, with the constant training technical staff search of the alignment of the regulatory practices with what is being practiced around the world and with the publication of the announcement Seae Prize Of Lottery 2017, which will award the best monograph about lotteries, both in the area of regulation and in corporate social responsibility. I understand there is a communication problem in area of lotteries, which goes from the bettor to the main control e supervisory organ. In this sense, we pursue the improvement of this communication.


BNL – Brazil has outdated legislation against other countries in area of games and lotteries. How do you intend work to improve this scenario?


Mansueto de Almeida – We’re in a process of reformulation the regulatory framework of lotteries in Brazil, considering that legal instruments we’re elaborating concerning LOTEX and authorization for exploitation of fixed-stake bets.


BNL – SEAE can will be extend this model to other modalities of lotteries today operated by Caixa Econômica Federal?


Mansueto de Almeida – We haven’t any initiative in this sense, at the moment.


BNL – Currently, some of nine lotteries operated by Caixa don’t have the least expected income. Would it not be opportune review replacement of deficit games?


Mansueto de Almeida – Caixa Econômica Federal has full autonomy to manage its portfolio of lottery products. The wich we (regulators of lotteries) can do, to be agile in the evaluation and authorization to reformulation or released of lottery products proposed by that public company.

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