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Geraldo Alckmin defends the legalize gambling in Rio


"I am in favor of to legalize games, first because the games already exist"

Las Vegas Sands Cheers Gambling Change By Brazilian Media Giant

Estimates project a regulated gaming market in Brazil could exceed $6.1bn per year in revenueA paradigm shift on gambling by Globo, Brazil’s largest media conglomerate, could be pivotal in the ongoing debate over the legalization of casinos and other gaming operations in S...


Gaming legalization: retreat to move forward

Besides the political work, at this moment it will be important to prove that for the games only has a solution: the legalization of all modalities

The board of Brazilian Legal Game Institute (IJL) fulfilled in the last week an agenda of gatherings, meetings and hearings with parliamentarians and government representatives...


Creation Ministry of Public Security will be another opportunity for the legalization of games

President Michel Temer plans to create Ministry of Public Security

President Michel Temer plans to create Ministry of Public Security, removing duties Ministry of Justice. The idea is to announce the folder in April, when a ministerial reform ...


Statement by President of Chamber still has repercussions

To approve PLS 186/14 first, it guarantees Senate the final word in the text of the legalization, thus avoiding the maneuver of the deputies 'Pró-casinos'

The report by O Estado de São Paulo, which reiterated the desire President of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) to legalize only casinos, isn't news for defenders ...


Articulation can approve casinos and keep other modalities in clandesnity

Preference for casinos paralyse investments, causes cartelization of game, benefits international operators and doesn’t ensure creation of employments and tax collection expected by government
President Chamber of Deputies, Deputy Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) again promised this week to the allies put to the vote the release of casinos in November, as revealed by Veja.com’s R...


Rodrigo Maia promises to vote casino release in November

Parliamentary Front wants that President Chamber of Deputies Rodrigo Maia the approval of gaming this year
Parliamentary Front wants that President Chamber of Deputies Rodrigo Maia the approval of gaming this year.
Veja.com’s Radar Online column reveals  President Rodrigo Maia (DEM-R...


Temer indicates that it will sanction legalization of gaming

Leader of Parliamentary Front for the Legalization of Games, recently launched, Deputy César Halum (PR-TO) talks with President of Federal Chamber Rodrigo Maia to rule in November in the plenary the clean bill PL 442/91

President of the Republic, Michel Temer, has been accompanying the strong movement for the legalization of games in Brazil and indicated, some days ago, that it will sanction t...


LOTEX – The Federal Government Instant Lottery Public Service Concession

The Finance Ministry expects the auction to attract major global instant lottery operatorsIn a meeting held on August 23, 2017, the Council of the Investment Partnership Program (CIPP) approved the concession of the Exclusive Instant Lottery (LOTEX). The concession term...


BNL launches english edition

BNL lança edição em inglêsThis week BNL is launching a special edition in English in order to offer information with quality to international executives that are interested in the legalization of gaming in ...


BNL interviews Deputy Guilherme Mussi

In the interview, the parliamentarian hasn´t refused himself to coment on any issue questioned and, revealed that, together with the Special Commission President, Deputy Eduardo Nascimento, have visited many legalized and regulamentated markets

Right after last Wednesday (27) meeting, the column talked to the Regulatoy Framework of Gaming in Brazil relator, Deputy Guilherme Mussi (PP-SP). In the interview, the parliam...


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